Next PS4 System Update Lets You Stream Games To PC


The PS4 System Update version 3.5 is on its way, bringing with it a heap of cool new features. The coolest among them being the ability to use Remote Play with your PC or Mac.

Remote Play basically allows gamers to stream their PS4 games to other machines, like the PS Vita and some Sony Phones. So if you want to play The Last of Us on your Vita while taking a dump, this is the feature for you.

Until now, Remote Play has only been available on Sony’s own PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV hardware, as well as certain Sony Xperia phones, so being able to play on a PC marks a brave new world.

Sony detailed what else we’ll be getting in the 3.5 update on its blog. Other changes include getting notified as soon as friends come online, the addition of the Dailymotion streaming service, and the ability to appear offline if you fancy going off the grid for a while.

The new firmware is currently going through a beta test (although it won’t include the Remote Play aspect of the update). No word just yet on when the full release will be with us.