Nine Games With Awesome Star Wars Mods

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 May 2016 15:48

Ah Star Wars day. The one day of the year where I can go outside in my Jedi robes and I’ll only get four or five stones thrown at me (usually it’s a few dozen). 


Of course, Star Wars has a pretty great history in videogames. We’ve had gems like Battlefront, LEGO Star Wars, and Knights of the Old Republic. Then again, we’ve had our fair share of stinkers, too.


For the most part, there isn’t much that can’t be made better by adding some Star Wars into the mix, and that’s what brings me to this article – nine games with awesome Star Wars themed mods.

These are games (with one exception) that originally had absolutely nothing to do with George Lucas’ beloved universe, until some plucky modder decided to get involved and have their way. I’m just glad they did, because the results are varied, but undeniably entertaining.


Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare


Kicking things off, we have Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare, which actually looks uncomfortably like the most recent entry in the Battlefront series.

This particular mod doesn’t really do anything to change up the gameplay, unfortunately. It’s more of a simple re-skin, meaning if you’re crap at Call of Duty 4 (like me) you won’t get much enjoyment out of this one.

Still, for anyone lucky enough to land in between skilled COD player and die hard Star Wars fan, there’s a lot to be said for enjoying one of the best FPS titles ever, given a hearty (and wonderfully detailed) lick of Star Wars paint.

Did this mod inspire Infinite Warfare? Probably not, no.

Star Wars Chivalry


What’s better – lightsabers or swords? If you said swords, you were wrong. Fuck you. Get away from me, and take your damn filthy swords on the way out.

For those who might not know, Chivalry is a pretty decent PC game with a focus on sword combat. One of the base game’s downfalls is the fairly dull environments on display, so of course somebody swapped out the swords for lightsabers and added in a ton of Star Wars environments.

Live by the sword, die by the lightsaber.

Galactic Conquest


Galactic Conquest is by and large the same concept as Call of Duty’s Galatic Warfare mod. It essentially serves as an alternative for anyone who prefers Battlefield 1942 to COD.

So once again, your soldiers have been re-skinned as Rebels and Stormtroopers, with blasters replacing conventional weapons. There’s also an awesome selection of air and land vehicles from the series, and an incredible Death Star level at the end of the video below.

Between this and Galactic Warfare, I think it’s pretty clear that every FPS from now on needs to be Star Wars themed. It just does.


Star Wars: Requiem

SWRequiem254-ISD_Brightness_ExampleSWRequiem254-ISD_Brightness_Example photobucket

Sins of a Solar Empire is a cracking RTS game that offers massive space battles on a breathtaking scale, so perhaps a Star Wars re-skin was an inevitability.

There’s an absolutely insane amount going on in any of the battles in Requiem, with laser fire being slung every which way. Obviously, you can play as either the Rebel Alliance or those loose as fuck Empire guys, and live out those high flying fantasies.

To be honest, the coolest thing about this mod is the ability to take in the action however you choose; either focusing in one specific dog fight, or surveying the fray as a whole.

Troopers: Dawn of Destiny

maxresdefault (2)maxresdefault (2)

This one’s a total conversion mod for the always incredible Unreal Tournament. Once again, there’s really something to be said for enjoying chaotic Star Wars action in first person, and if the Call of Duty and Battlefield mods aren’t for you, this one should be right up your alley.

The blasters, skins, and environments display a meticulous attention to detail – you’ll probably forget you’re playing Unreal Tournament. Of course, there are sections where you get to fly, and yes the Death Star trench run features.

Big shout out to whoever had the idea of editing in the actual death screams of Stormtroopers from the films, by the way. A wonderfully macabre touch.

Left 4 Dead 2 – Star Wars Edition


Here’s a good one to show your seven year old nephew after they watch Force Awakens for the first time – provided you want to traumatise them forever, that is.

Stormtroopers sprint towards you in a hail of blood and laser fire, their shiny white armour contrasting nicely against the guts that spill out as you blast them apart. Oh, and at one point in the video below, the Rancor pays you a visit, more terrifying than ever before.

Scarier by far than anything in the main Star Wars universe – except maybe Phantom Menace. 

Star Wars Conquest

Star Wars Conquest is a mod of the already incredible Mount & Blade, that offers an absolutely staggering amount of depth.

Conquest deftly transforms the medieval RPG into a rich adventure set in a galaxy far, far away. With pretty much the same premise as the base game, but on a much grander scale, set across hundreds of planets. Join the rebellion, raise an army of Stormtroopers, or take the path of the bounty hunter or Jedi – it’s up to you.

Unlike a lot of other game on here, Conquest is essentially a complete overhaul of the base game. It’s not just a great Star Wars mod – it’s a fucking amazing mod, period.

Sith Lords Restored Content Mod

sith lords screensith lords screen

Star Wars game made better by adding more Star Wars? Madness. For those not in the know, Knights of the Old Republic 2 was originally gonna have an awful lot more content, but it ended up getting cut, as developer Obsidian had a deadline to get the game out.

Enter the wonderful fans, who essentially fished out the unfinished parts of the game and polished them off, affording players a chance to enjoy Knights of the Old Republic 2 in a way that (I imagine) the developers intended.

To many, this is the definitive way to experience KOTOR 2, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who felt a little let down by the original.

Grand Theft Auto V


It’s no secret than in GTA games, mods are only really limited by your imagination. You can do some pretty crazy shit, and there’s no end to the amount of Star Wars goodness you can cram into Los Santos.

There’s so much in fact, that I couldn’t really pin down just one Star Wars mod for GTA V. You wanna fly over the city in a TIE Interceptor, or run people down in an  X-34 Landspeeder? You go for it.

Maybe you wanna sprint through the city twatting people with a toy lightsaber, or use the force to harass cops? It’s up to you, chum.

My personal favourite from the above video has to be the Star Destroyer. It’s fucking massive, and makes the city below look a toy set by comparison. Amazing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and mod Hayden Christensen’s Force Ghost into Dark Souls. That guy’s always showing up where he’s not wanted.

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