Ninja Responds After Getting Beaten On Stream And Falsely Reporting Opponent


Ninja has apologised to a Fortnite opponent who bested him, after the popular Twitch streamer accused his foe of stream sniping, then threatened to get them banned from the game. 

The whole thing kicked off after Ninja was eliminated in a game of Fortnite, prompting teammate Dr. Lupo to say “watch for the emote”, in reference to the player who had just killed Ninja.

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When the player did emote – which is a common thing to do after killing someone in a game of Fortnite – Ninja interpreted the move as stream sniping, believing the player only emoted because they heard Dr. Lupo telling him to.

If you’re not aware, stream sniping involves watching your opponent’s stream so that you can see exactly where they are at any time. It’s obviously considered a dirty cheat tactic, and is widely condemned by the gaming community.

Ninja, thinking he had been stream sniped, decided to take action. He swiftly reported the player to Epic in an attempt to get them banned from Fortnite, and immediately began disagreeing with players who pointed out that his opponent probably wasn’t stream sniping.

The player in question was soon identified as IcyFive, who began to fear that he really would have his account banned for no reason. He tweeted he did nothing wrong, and claimed to have a video that proves it.

For his part, Dr. Lupo took to Twitter to say that he never suspected foul play, and quickly distanced himself from the mess.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, Ninja dropped the matter and apologised to IcyFive on Twitter.

That’s if you can call the below an apology. I mean, the words “I’m sorry” are in there, so that’s something.

I’m not sure Ninja needed to tell the dude to “stop milking it” though.

The good news is that IcyFive gets to continue playing Fortnite and the rest of us can go on with our lives. Meanwhile, Ninja is up for Content Creator of the Year at the 2018 Game Awards.

So… yeah.