Nintendo ‘Bringing Back Game Boy’ For 30th Anniversary

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The Nintendo Game Boy could be the latest of a growing number of classic games consoles to make a huge comeback.

Rumours have been sparked by a trademark application by gaming giant Nintendo, on September 15, which fans think point to an impending Game Boy relaunch.


The application for the trademark was also accompanied by an image of the Game Boy.

According to The Independent, the trademark application was picked up by a Japanese trademark bot, which tweeted it to the public.

This might all sound a bit far-fetched, but it’s almost the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy, so it makes sense they’d be working on a relaunch for the important date in 2019.


If Nintendo want to get things ready for then, they’ll be making steps forward now for the redevelopment of the handheld console.

The Game Boy was released in Japan and North America in 1989 and followed in Europe a year later.


Nintendo have been on a run of re-launching their most popular games consoles, including the NES Classic and SNES Classic.


They made both of these consoles considerably smaller, which made them far more appealing in a modern gaming world, but it’s probably unlikely the same will happen to the Game Boy.

The Game Boy needs to remain a certain size to accommodate its screen, but its size was never much of a hindrance in the original design.

In July, Nintendo also filed a trademark for the controller for the N64, suggesting they’re really going in on more plans of relaunching classic consoles.


They could just be keeping their options open, but given the successes of what they’ve released so far, they’ll probably want to carry on this trend.

The original Game Boy was discontinued in 2003, but it seems like the dark period without them might be over?

This isn’t the only nostalgic gaming icon which is due to hit our shelves again, after it was announced the Tamagotchi was coming back in time for Christmas.

Tomasz Sienicki/ Wikimedia

Bandai Namco revived 90s favourite Tamagotchi earlier this year in Japan and the craze started all over again.

To help spread the craze, they’re bringing the little devices back to the US next month and it might just be better than the original version.

Back in the day, the little buddies couldn’t survive for much more than half a day if they weren’t looked after properly, so loads of kids got absolutely blasted by their teachers for looking after them.

Bandai Namco

The process has been somewhat simplified in the latest version and the devices themselves have been considerably slimmed down so you can fit one in your pocket along with your iPhone.

Despite these changes, the ultimate goal of Tamagotchi is still the same: keep your little buddy alive and happy.

When your digital home for the creatures gets fired up for the first time, one of six Tamagotchi will hatch, and from then on, it’s all on you.

To keep them happy and alive, you’ll have to feed them when they’re hungry, turn the lights off when they need to sleep and comfort them when they’re not well.

Bandai Namco

Most importantly, you’ll have to clean up after their poop!

Anyway, lets just hope Nintendo also think about bringing back the Game Boy Advance.

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    Game Boy could be latest classic console to return, Nintendo trademark suggests