Nintendo Has Finally Killed Off The DS

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Nintendo Has Finally Killed Off The DSNintendo/Pexels

The days of teaching your Nintendog new tricks are well and truly behind us, because Nintendo has killed of the beloved DS console. 

I say ‘beloved’, but most of us probably haven’t touched a DS for years, instead opting for the Switch for all of our Nintendo needs.


Still, news of the console’s discontinuation is sad in a nostalgic sense, because many of us grew up playing the DS on long car journeys and excitedly awaiting new games to open at Christmas.

The original Nintendo DS was released in 2004, with the 3DS system followed a few years later in 2011. The 3DS became the fifth best-selling Nintendo system of all time, selling 75 million consoles since its launch, The Independent reports, but now the company has decided to say goodbye to the device.

The news was quietly announced on Nintendo’s websites, with the UK site displaying a message that reads, ‘The manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has ended.’


A similar message is at the bottom of the company’s Japanese site, and while page listings for the New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, and 2DS are still live each page states that the product is ‘out of production’.


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The US page appears to have removed all mention of the 3DS, and now just directs users back to the home page. The Nintendo 2DS, which had similar functions but did not fold, has also been discontinued, with similar messages appearing on the UK page.

The popular Nintendo Switch is on track to overtake the 3DS, having currently sold 62 million consoles globally.


Here’s hoping our DS-era Nintendogs are happy, wherever they may be.

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