Nintendo Reports Record Sales And New Console Milestone

by : Mark Foster on : 29 Jul 2015 13:04

Sounds like great news, right? Well take it with a pinch of salt, because what’s good for Nintendo would be pretty bad for anybody else.


Nintendo have reported for the three month span between April and June 2015, they made $730 million, an increase of 20% on the same period from 2014. They have also reported that the Wii U’s lifetime sales have now passed the 10 million mark, having shifted 470,000 units between April and June.

They believe the surge has come from increased sales of its amiibo collectables and the rising popularity of Splatoon, a team-based paintgun shoot ’em up, which sold 1.62 million units worldwide. Nintendo also expect upcoming titles like Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero to push sales numbers up even further upon their release.

This is obviously great news for Nintendo, who are looking to perform well ahead of their secretive Nintendo NX console set for production next year, but Sony also released sales figures recently that dwarf that of its competitor.


The Playstation 4 – which launched five months after the Wii U – proudly announced in excess of 20.2 units million sold, citing it as the “fastest and strongest” piece of hardware in Playstation history.

Microsoft have not released exact sales figures for the Xbox One, instead choosing to lump them in with ‘overall’ sales alongside the Xbox 360, but estimates put it at around 12.8 million.

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