Nintendo’s Pokemon GO Stock Rise Comes To A Halt


It looks like Nintendo’s gravy train has pulled into the station – after an intense Pokemon GO related rise, the gaming giant’s stock has fallen back down again.

For a wonderful day or two, the Big N was actually worth more than Sony, with around $40 billion to its name – but the stock has now lost roughly 15% of its value, falling from nearly 32,000 yen down to 27,000 yen.


While the stock falling back down was always bound to happen, one might wonder why it’s happening so soon.

It suggests that analysts have questioned its long-term valuation, after reports surfaced that the already struggling Pokemon GO servers weren’t (and still aren’t) ready for a Japanese launch.

Then again, it might simply have something to do with the fact that Nintendo had virtually nothing to do with Pokemon GO, which was developed by Niantic and overseen by The Pokemon Company.

Still, even with a sharp decline, Nintendo is still in a much better place than it was before the insanely popular mobile ‘mon game launched.

Ninty’s stock price before generally sat around 15,000 yen, so even if that 27,000 drops to 20,000, they’re still doing alright for themselves (plus it has enough money in the bank from the Wii that it could probably afford to buy a few small countries).wario-coins Considering Japan is probably the biggest market for Pokemon, there’s no telling what this crazy stock rollercoaster will do once the game launches there.