No Man’s Sky And Mario Collide In Bizarre Fan Game

by : Ewan Moore on : 31 Aug 2016 09:00

Believe it or not, No Man’s Sky and Super Mario actually have more in common than you might think.


Mario once took to space himself in the excellent Super Mario Galaxy games, while No Man’s Sky is a… slightly more divisive journey into the vastness of the universe.

Still, putting the two together in a videogame might not have been the obvious choice – but that’s just what ASMB Games has done with No Mario’s Sky.


Created in 72 hours as part of the of the ancient-technology-themed game jam Ludum Dare 36No Mario’s Sky combines the side-scrolling fun of Super Mario Bros, with the ‘infinite’ space travel of No Man’s Sky.


You start on a planet that resembles World 1-1 from the original NES game, before jumping into a ship and seeing what else the universe has to offer.

Don’t get too excited though – the game is essentially just a wee bit of fun, and the only really differences between planets are slightly different looking Goombas and the colour of planets.


No Mario’s Sky is summed up best by the game’s page:

Featuring 10s of Goombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle Toad, “Original” Music, “Faithful” Physics, Social Commentary about Interplanetary Colonialism, and a Radical Space Ship; No Mario’s Sky is the hackneyed remake-gone-mashup you’ve been craving.

If you fancy some mushroom themed interplanetary travel (or you’ve had enough of No Man’s Sky) you can download the game for PC, Mac, and Linux from here.


It might not be the infinite Mario game you were expecting – but on the bright side, it’s a free game, so people can’t demand refunds.

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