No Man’s Sky Beyond Patch Notes Reveal Tons Of Subtle Improvements

No Man's Sky Beyond Patch Notes Reveal Tons Of Subtle Improvements Hello Games

It’s no secret that No Man’s Sky Beyond represents perhaps the biggest update for the once-controversial space exploration and survival sim since it launched back in 2016, but the recent released patch notes reveal a ton of quality of life improvements that haven’t even really been addressed by Hello Games. 

The outrageously massive patch notes (via PCGamer) touch on the improved base-building, multiplayer, missions, creature riding, and other big features we already knew about, but there are plenty more nuggets of info to be gleaned from the beefy read.

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Perhaps one of the most welcome changes is that a single inventory slot’s capacity for resources has been extended from 250 to 10,000. This means you can now mine and farm a hell of a lot more materials for building without clogging up your inventory or having to dump them somewhere else – a faff which, to be honest, is one of the reasons I stopped playing the game.

The number of slots on your exosuit and spaceship will still be limited, but having 5,000 copper on your person will now only sit in one slot instead of 20, leaving no room for any other resources, tools, or helpful materials. Basically, it’s an incredibly welcome tweak in a long line of incredibly welcome tweaks from No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Other minor tweaks include the mining beam having a “much higher base heat capacity” and increased energy for less frequent recharges. The mining beam will also work faster, meaning you’ll be able to farm materials and get back to exploring a lot quicker.

We can also expect an overhauled galaxy map, planets that never spawn those pesky sentinel drones, and short-range teleporters that can be hooked up to your base for “near instant transportation.”

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No Man’s Sky Beyond started rolling out earlier in the week, so odds are you’re already enjoying these subtle improvements. If you’ve been blinded by all the big changes and haven’t really stopped to notice everything that’s changed however, you can dive into the full patch notes here.

Just be warned that they are absolutely massive, and will likely take you a good few hours to properly sift through.

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