No Man’s Sky Dev Finishes Work On First Major Update



The release of No Man’s Sky is now dangerously close, leading many experts to believe that it is indeed an actual game. 

But while the hype reaches critical mass, developer Hello Games quietly to continues to work on the open universe survival game, with the first major update already finished.

It’s an encouraging sign that Hello Games plans to add more content to what is already a massive game – but it’s unclear exactly when or what they’ll be introducing to No Man’s Sky.

The most likely answer (at least I hope) is that this is a Day One update to address any last minute bugs or glitches. Remember that this is a game with 18 quintillion planets, so there are bound to be a few creases to iron out in the coming months.

This news come after the revelation that one gamer picked up a copy of No Man’s Sky early, and immediately reported a number of troubling bugs – Hello Games were obviously working on patches anyway, but perhaps this news spurred them on to get it done by release day?

No Man’s Sky launches for PS4 August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe, while it’ll be released worldwide on PC by August 12.