No Man’s Sky Gets A Final Release Date, Pre-Orders Now Open


It’s finally coming! No Man’s Sky, the monstrously ambitious open universe title from Hello Games has just been given a final release date of June 24 for PC and PS4 in the UK, and June 21 across North America – Time to get hyped.

For those who might not be aware, No Man’s Sky is a science fiction sandbox adventure, in which you’re free to explore the entirety of a procedurally generated universe, which includes over 18 quintillion planets, each with unique life (or lack of) just waiting to be discovered – It’s a fucking huge game, basically.

It’s been in development for several years now, and people following the project (myself included) have drooled over every gorgeous screenshot and scrap of news we can get.

No Man’s Sky will allow players to upgrade their spaceship, suit, and weapon as they explore the vast universe, meeting all manner of alien races and exploring ancient worlds. You can fight, trade, or just wander across the galaxy doing your thing.

You can check out some footage below to whet your appetite, but completionists should be aware that they could play No Man’s Sky for years and never come close to seeing everything. That’s the point of the game. Embrace the vastness of space.

Should you fancy losing half your Summer, you can secure yourself a copy of No Man’s Sky right now on for £39.99. Then it’s only a painfully long wait till June before we can finally take off into the sky and get exploring.