No Man’s Sky Gets Huge Update, Here’s What’s New

by : Ewan Moore on : 09 Mar 2017 11:39

No Man’s Sky is a much better game than people remember, but thanks to a shady as fuck marketing campaign and way too much hype, it became one of the most reviled releases of the past 10 years. 


Developer Hello Games is now seeking to redress the balance. Months ago, they promised they’d start to update the game and make it the vast open universe adventure we were promised.

They started with the Foundation Update a while back, which introduced elements such as base building and giant space freighters – now it’s time for the Path Finder Update.

This hefty update adds land based vehicles to faster explore planets and gather resources, a permadeath mode, PS4 Pro support, and the ability to share bases online with other players.


We’re also getting the ability to build and share racetracks, ‘double the amount of variety’ in base building, a photo mode, new weapons, the chance to own multiple ships, and various other tweaks to gameplay and visuals.

A full rundown of the patch notes can be found over at the No Man’s Sky official website – head over here if you’re interested.

Here’s what Hello Games have to say:

Shortly after we launched the Foundation Update, we released a number of patches to address issues reported by players before beginning work on the Path Finder update. We were surprised and excited by the response to Foundation, and we have been listening carefully to community feedback since then. To those of you who have spent time sharing feedback, whether positive or negative, we are listening. This is the next step in our journey. It shows the path forward. We hope you’ll join us.

It’s encouraging that Hello Games continue to work hard on what’s clearly a passion project for them. Hopefully the update is enough to bring a few gamers back to the fold.

Ewan Moore

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