No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Confusion Down To Media, Claims Sony


What can I say about No Man’s Sky that hasn’t already been said – much more rudely – by the rest of the internet? 

Contrary to what the majority would have you believe, it was a decent game. It just suffered from a ridiculous amount of hype, and a number of promises developer Hello Games could never hope to deliver on (hence the outrage).

One such promise was that of multiplayer, or at least some form of it. At various times, we’d heard that while it was unlikely, you could run into other players while exploring the vast universe of No Man’s Sky.

However, Pixel Vulture recently reported that their request for a refund ended in a reply from Sony, who put the multiplayer confusion down to the media.

Pixel Vulture got in touch with Sony to ask for a refund, citing the following issues:

No multiplayer after it being showcased various times in trailers and interviews. Gameplay looks different from trailers. False advertising in general.

You can see Sony’s full response in the image below.


The key part to take away is this:

We have double checked with the relevant team: In the description it always said 1 player, but it was portrayed in the media that it might have itThere was no mention of multiplayer within the product description on the PlayStation Store.

To be fair to both Sony and Hello Games, I don’t think that we ever did actually see multiplayer in action, as Pixel Vulture suggests, however lead developer Sean Murray did hint at/allude to such a feature several times in various interviews, as you can see below.

Hello Games have been completely silent on this marketing shit storm since release. Reports suggest they’re hard at work on major updates for the game.

However, their complete lack of explanation to the fans over the past few months may have done irreparable damage to their reputation.