No Man’s Sky Patch Brings Originally Promised Feature

by : Ewan Moore on : 15 Dec 2016 11:45

Hello Games continues their efforts to make No Man’s Sky the game fans feel they were promised with yet another new patch. 


Players will now experience space battles of ‘varying size’ according to the developer. Previously, the space battles usually involved you against two or three ships, but Hello Games insists we can now expect bigger frays.

Of course, size was never really the issue with the space battles in No Man’s Sky – they just weren’t very fun to begin with, so making ’em bigger will probably only add to the feeling that it’s all a bit of a slog.

The latest update continues to build on No Man’s Sky’s massive Foundation patch, which was released recently by Hello Games to lay down the groundwork for future improvements for the open universe game.


The biggest changes include being able to build a home base and carve out your own little slice of space. You can also own a space freighter, and leave messages on planets for other players to find – though it’s unlikely folk will ever stumble across them.

You can check out the full patch notes here for a rundown on all the minor tweaks and fixes. Thankfully, Hello Games have yet to get around to fixing a fun glitch that lets you land your massive freighter on a planet – check it out below.

Hello Games will continue to work on No Man’s Sky with further updates and improvements – who knows what the game will be this time next year?

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