No Man’s Sky Player Claims To Have Already ‘Finished Game’


Earlier in the week, a chap who goes by the alias of Daymeeuhn paid a princely sum for an early copy of Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky

Daymeeuhn went wild uploading videos of the massive exploration/survival game to the web, but once he realised he was actually kind of pissing off the developer, he decided to stop.

Regardless, he’s since been posting (mostly) non-spoilery impressions on Reddit, where he recently revealed that he’s reached the center of No Man’s Sky’s universe – technically ‘beating’ the game.

While the main drive behind No Man’s Sky is to explore and survive in a procedurally generated universe of 18 quintillion planets, the technical endgame is to make your way to the centre of the universe, where a cool secret awaits.

Previously, Hello Games reported it would take between 40 to 100 hours to get the centre depending on how you play. Daymeeuhn did in 30, which isn’t that far off – especially considering that he rushed it by his own admission.

Before you get worried that this game is a tenth of the size you expected it to be or something daft, please remember that No Man’s Sky was never going to live up to the crippling hype that has surrounded it for years.

Daymeeuhn also stressed he’s far from finished with the game. Let’s be real, the brunt of the fun is bound to come from checking out as many weird planets as you can.

But if you still can’t handle the news that No Man’s Sky isn’t the second coming of Christ in digital form, take a look at this handy chart from Reddit user disc_ that talks us through the stages of grief.

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Oh, and while there is some kind of secret waiting for us in the centre, Daymeeuhn refuses to spoil it for anyone.

I suggest if you really want to enjoy this game, then you do your best not to spoil anything for yourself – experience it all with your own two peepers.