NPCs, New Weapons, And A New Mode Might Be Coming To Apex Legends Soon

by : Ewan Moore on : 11 Mar 2019 10:13

Data miners are back at it again, doing what they do best and combing through the Apex Legends game files after its most recent update, searching for any juicy new nuggets of info that might be hiding in there somewhere. 


As is so often the case, it appears our intrepid file explorers have returned with some valuable information; namely news on unannounced weapons, something called a night mode, and NPCs.


Twitter account RealApexLeaks appears to have dredged up details of a remote turret and a flamethrower, both of which would very much be welcome additions to the battle royale in my book.

Meanwhile, the night mode sounds like it would do pretty much what you’d expect something called a night mode to do and turn the stage from day to night. Sounds simple enough, but RealApexLeaks says it’s been one of the most requested features for Apex Legends after a Reddit user mocked up what the game’s map would look like when the sun goes down.


Finally, there was talk of NPCs. The code that was dug up doesn’t really give us a clear picture of what purpose these NPCs would play – they could simply appear in training, to cut down on matchmaking times, or even have some role in an ambitious new mode.

Take a look at a couple of Tweets from RealApexLeaks below for some shiny photo evidence of the code.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how Apex Legends evolves with future updates, and what role the NPCs end up playing. Whatever happens, I’m 100% down to play with a flamethrower, so the sooner that gets added in the better.

Ewan Moore

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