Oculus Rift Just Made Controllers Useless With This $60 Million Buyout


Oculus have made it abundantly clear that they intend to make VR the next big thing having bought Israeli company Pebbles Interfaces for $60 million.

The company has spent 5 years developing technology that allows controller-less interfaces, where a user will be able to use their real hands to control a virtual environment. Before the huge buyout, they had raised $11.5 million in funding from companies like Bosch, SanDisk and Xiaomi. They must have been doing something right.

Oculus wrote on their blog about the acquisition.

Over time, technology breakthroughs in sensors will unlock new human interaction methods in VR and revolutionize the way people communicate in virtual worlds.

Having snapped up a number of companies since Facebook took the reigns of Oculus, the project is already shaping up to be extremely exciting. Having recently unveiled the Oculus Touch at E3, it’s not yet clear how the work of Pebbles Interfaces will influence or effect it. Check out the full Oculus Touch reveal show at E3 via Gamespot below.