Oculus Rift PC Bundle Pre-Orders Begin This Month With Mental Prices


If you’re interested in virtual reality (and happen to crap money), you’ll be able to pre-order yourself an Oculus Rift headset plus a compatible computer starting February 16. It ain’t cheap.

Last month, when Oculus announced the price of the headset alone at around £410 ($599), they also revealed that prices for the PC bundles would set us back roughly £1030 ($1499).

In the bundle itself, you’ll get a Rift headset, with which to enter all manner of virtual worlds. There’ll also be a PC (which aren’t often cheap at the best of times), the Oculus Remote, an Xbox One controller and copies of Eve’s Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. 

You’ll be able to nab your pre-order through Amazon, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store. Orders will begin shipping in April “in limited quantities to select countries and regions”. Meanwhile, the first batch of Rift headsets will go out March 28.

This news comes from a blog post courtesy of Oculus, where they also shared that The initial line of Oculus Ready gaming PCs will include computers from Asus, Alienware and Dell.

Of course, anyone who pre-ordered last month will have the option to add an Oculus Ready PC to their order at the bundle price, and you’ll still get your headset in March.

If you’re interested, you can check if your existing PC supports the Rift by using Oculus’ compatibility tool. If it doesn’t, you’d better crack open the piggy bank and grab a bundle.