Official Game Of Thrones Project Teased By Microsoft

HBO/Telltale Games

Game Of Thrones may be nearing the end of its eighth and final season, but that doesn’t mean HBO isn’t going to do every thing it can to milk the life out of its premiere fantasy series. 

While we previously reported on some very swanky (but admittedly extra AF) official Game of Thrones gaming chairsfans of boobs, dragons, and political intruige will no doubt want something to play on those brand new chairs. Thankfully, it seems as if Microsoft is getting ready to deliver just that.

A pair of brief but intriguing teasers posted to Xbox’s official social media channels all but confirm that Microsoft has some kind of official Game of Thrones project planned. Though I’m not entirely convinced it’s a video game – as much as I’d like it to be.

On Twitter, fans were treated to a quick burst of flame that revealed the Targaryen family crest, while Facebook instead offered a up blizzard, which gave way to reveal the Night King’s glyph. Both posts were accompanied by the caption “and now your wait begins,” promising fans who stayed tuned would learn more soon.

While I’m well aware that the world is overdue a sprawling, Skyrim style AAA video game based on Game on Thrones, I don’t think we should be getting our hopes all the way up for Microsoft’s mystery project to be the surprise game we all want it to be.

I believe that it’s much more likely that this mystery project simply refers to a couple of limited edition Xbox One consoles. The two separate teases suggest two variants – much like the recently announced gaming chairs come adorned with the insignia of the Starks, the Lannisters, or the Targaryens, depending on your preference.

I mean, the Twitter tease above really does look like a close up of an elaborate custom Xbox when you think about it.

If I’m being really cynical, a couple of limited edition variants timed to release around the end of the show would be much easier money than a AAA game that probably wouldn’t release until at least a few years after the series wraps up.

There’s every chance I could be wrong – I kind of hope I am – but if a Game of Thrones game is revealed, it’s probably more likely to happen at E3, and probably wouldn’t be an Xbox exclusive.

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