Official Pokémon Photo App Released, Gets Weird Really Quickly


Pokémon is gearing up to begin its 20th birthday celebrations in earnest, so to celebrate, the Pokémon Company have released an app that can turn any picture or photo into a Pokémon themed masterpiece. Any photo. 

Obviously, the Pokémon Company’s intention was for fans to download the app and have some light-hearted giggles. The kind nan would approve of. See an example of what we should be doing below.

But the internet, as we know, is a dark and twisted realm. Kotaku have already managed to find the first droplets in what I’m sure will be a deluge of weird and unsettling Pokémon themed images.

Below is a personal favourite of mine. It now hangs on my bathroom wall. The app has only been out for around a day now, so we’ll need to give it a bit more time before the really weird shit starts to show up. It obviously will though.

The Pokémon Photo Booth app is available for free download on iOS. An Android version is coming to the Google Play Store, we just won’t know exactly when. Keep the faith, okay guys? You’ll be able to send those “Diglett” dickpics in due course.