Official Pokemon Weddings Are Now A Thing In Japan

Official Pokemon Weddings Are Now A Thing In JapanThe Pokemon Company

Most married people who’ve managed to stave off divorce will likely tell you that their wedding day was the best day of their life. I would certainly say mine was… but I have to admit that it could’ve used more Pokemon

I mean, just picture the scene; You’re stood with your partner in front of all your friends and family, ready to tell the assembled crowd just how much you love each other, and you’re flanked by two giant Pikachu dressed in wedding attire. It’s the dream.

The Pokemon Company

I’m happy to report that such dreams no longer need exist only in your mind, as ESCRIT, a Japanese company specialising in wedding ceremonies, has partnered with The Pokemon Company to offer officially licensed weddings based on the immensely popular video game franchise in which a small child typically travels the world enslaving animals for personal glory.

While I’ve no doubt that there have been fans in the past who have put together their own Pokemon-inspired weddings, those were simply amateur efforts. Go with ESCRIT, and your special day will be decked out with official gear, wedding favours and all.

Not only do you get the aforementioned GIANT Pikachu to oversee proceedings (and presumably stop your Aunt Karen from getting too blasted on vodka limes before the reception has even started), but there’s also officially licensed food that looks… well, I’ll let you decide how it looks.

As you can see below, we have what looks like Pikachu butt-thing of some kind (is… is it meant to be made of Pikachu?), and a pretty cute Pokemon-branded dessert. Pokemon appétit.

The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon Company

While slightly dodgy looking Pokemon food is all well and good, the real star of the show is an extravagant Pokemon cake, decked out with Pokeball macaroons and – you guessed it – more images of Pikachu.

Seriously, there are over 700 monsters to catch these days, let someone else get some face time, you little yellow douche.

If I was doing a Pokemon wedding, I’d definitely demand Eevee be the focal point of my day. Pikachu be damned.

The Pokemon Company

Oh, and then there’s the officially branded wedding certificate, which is just too cute for words. If I’d known such a legally binding document could be adorned with small electric mice and Pokeballs, I would have absolutely demanded it before my own big day.

The Pokemon Company

Sadly, these official Pokemon weddings are just starting in Japan, so it’ll probably be a while before they head West – if ever. Still, if you want to check out even more pictures and get some inspiration for your own Pokewedding, then you can head over to the Japanese Pokemon site.

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