Official PS5 Reveal Event Coming In February, New Leak Claims

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Official PS5 Reveal Event Coming In February, New Leak ClaimsSony

The PS5 could finally be getting its grand unveiling early next year, as an apparent leaked marketing email shared on NeoGaf and 4Chan makes reference to a “PlayStation Meeting 2020” slated for February. 

The email (which should be taken with a gran of salt right now) claims that the event will serve to showcase “the future of Sony PlayStation to the whole world”, and will take place on February 12. Sony is also apparently inviting a number of AAA publishers including Ubisoft, Activision, and EA, to show off their next-gen titles at the event.


I should stress again that this leaked marketing email is currently unverified, but while the event isn’t confirmed, the timing does make sense. We already know that Microsoft will be releasing the next-generation Xbox during the Holiday 2020 period, and PlayStation has traditionally launched their consoles around the same time in order to compete.

A big reveal event that details the specs and launch titles for the PS5 at the start of 2020 would give potential buyers enough time to make their minds up/save up enough money to decide which next-generation console they want to go with (because you know, we don’t all have money for both).

While we haven’t actually seen the PS5 yet, Sony’s Mark Cerny, who worked on the PS4 and Vita as lead architect, gave an exclusive interview to Wired back in April where he confirmed some of the specs for the next-gen hardware,  including ray tracing for more immersive audios and visual, and a solid-state drive (SSD) that helps drastically reduce loading times.


In May, The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki attended a meeting hosted by Sony in Japan where the company showed off some of what the new hardware could do.


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Mochizuki then shared footage online which showed a scene from Marvel’s Spider-Man running on a PS4 Pro and current PS5 hardware, comparing how quickly the scene loaded on each piece of hardware. The PS4 Pro loaded up the scene in just over eight seconds, while the PS5 had managed it in under one.

The email also suggests that the previously-announced PS4 exclusive Ghosts Of Tsushima will be making an appearance at the event, but will be re-announced as a PS5 exclusive, and one of PlayStation’s key games of 2020.


The same leak also shared a number of emails that claim the next State of Play broadcast will be coming in November, and will share more details on Death Stranding, Jedi: Fallen Order, and perhaps most importantly, will finally reveal the release date for The Last Of Us Part II.

Again though, please do take all of this which a pinch of salt until we hear official word.

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