One Of The Best Gaming Villians Ever Joins Cast Of Spider-Man: Homecoming


Next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has just added Far Cry 3 and Better Call Saul actor Michael Mando to its cast.

Mando, of course, played Vaas in the 2012 game – possibly one of the greatest videogame villains of all time. It’s not yet clear whether he’ll be a friend of foe in the new Spidey flick though.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news that Mando would be joining Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) in the 2017 superhero film from director Jon Watts.

Mando has had a pretty good career in TV so far – he was terrific in Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul – but this looks to be his first role in a major movie.

He’s only appeared in one videogame besides Far Cry 3; Shaun White Snowboarding a game I didn’t know existed until just now

far-cry-3-review-hero-b.0 (1)

Still, his performance in Far Cry 3 was absolutely incredible. Vaas was a believable, terrifying, and absolutely insane antagonist, and one I’m sure many of us still fondly(?) remember to this day.

Why not take a look at some of his finest (and scariest) moments as Vaas below?

Spider-Man: Homecoming will follow the exploits of Peter Parker in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil WarIt’ll be in cinemas July 7, 2017.