Open World Pokemon Game Teased By Game Freak


Ask any gamer to talk about their ultimate fantasy video games, and you’ll find that most of them will eventually name an open world Pokemon title somewhere on that list. 

With the adorable, yet relatively back-to-basics Pokemon Let’s Go offering gamers a classic, stripped down approach the ‘mon formula in November, many gamers are wondering what the next “core” entry in the franchise will look like.

Naturally, many are speculating that the mysterious 2019 Pokemon Switch RPG could be the Zelda style open world adventure we’ve been craving since the 90’s.

Fans of catching ’em all already have such a clear image of what an open world Pokemon game would look like, of course. Everything has their own things they’d want to see from it, but I think we all have the same basic idea.

In this dream game, we’d explore a vast, colourful, and truly open land without limits. Pokemon would openly roam the world as we went on our adventures, and you could battle, train, and collect gym badges in whatever order you saw fit.

That’s the dream, anyway. Thrillingly, it turns out Game Freak director Junichi Masuda actually shares this dream – he revealed in a recent interview with Eurogamer that an open world Pokemon is definitely a possibility.

He explained:

Well you know in general, I always want to be kind of facing new challenges and trying to you know, do new things with Pokémon. You know it’s a different matter whether players will actually enjoy that kind of playstyle, but really you know, things like setting up an AI so that you know real world Pokémon appear, or different ways to appreciate the game, I’m always kind of thinking how to approach the Pokémon series from a different aspect so, in that sense, it’s still on the cards.

I think it’s fair to say that we’d all absolutely love to see the Pokemon franchise head down this road. Hopefully the 2019 Switch RPG can do for the series what Breath of the Wild did for The Legend of Zelda. We’ll doubtless learn more at next year’s E3.