Outlast II Making Adult Nappies In Case You Sh*t Yourself Playing


Just when you thought shit couldn’t get any weirder, the guys behind horror game Outlast 2 have made some adult nappies in case you drop a load playing the game. Yup.

Mostly when people talk about shitting themselves playing a scary game, they’re not talking literally. However, if you are unlucky enough to have a trigger-happy poop-cannon and still want to play your favourite horror titles, you’re in luck. Introducing, Underscares.

Devs Red Barrels have begun a Kickstarter campaign for Underscares which is apparently 100% not a joke. I guess you can pledge if you want and own one of the most unique gaming collectables ever made. Of course you’d have to live with yourself knowing you paid actual money for it but, sacrifices, eh?

Luckily, if you do decide to back the project, you’ll also get a Steam key for the game when it does release in 2017.


If you’ve played the Outlast 2 demo – which is available right now – you’ll know that there’s going to be a few jumpscares and moments of impending doom sprinkled throughout the game, but probably not enough to make you actually go ahead and fill your keks. But hey, you game however you want, folks.

If you do do a nervy poop, the Underscares are fully washable. Thank God.