Overwatch Player Reaches Level 100 After Intense Gaming Marathon


maxresdefaultBlizzard’s glorious FPS/MOBA mashup Overwatch doesn’t have a level cap, but level 100 is still a nice round number to get to, no?

Reddit user FenderOverwatch managed to reach the big 100 after putting in a punishing 92 hours. The majority of that time was spent playing Pharah, if you were wondering.

You can see our noble hero’s stats in the below image. If you’re hungrier for even more stats, you can find them over on MasterOverwatch (via Polygon). Pretty staggering stuff, really.

Considering Overwatch launched on May 23, those 92 hours of play comes out to roughly 13 hours a day. When did this guy eat? Or sleep? Or empty his bum?

In a Reddit AMA , Fender revealed that he questioned playing as much as he did – as any sane man surely would:

I’m not gonna lie, there were a few nights I asked myself at some point, ‘What was I doing? Oh yeah, payload.’ LOL!!

Fender also talked about how his (incredibly supportive) girlfriend aided him in his endeavour by buying him a few packs of Red Bull and a couple packs of Monster.

Mercifully, he only made it through one pack of Red Bull. I can’t imagine anymore than that over a 92 hour period is ideal for one’s health.

Apparently, what really frustrated Fender the most about his 92 hours spent playing Overwatch, was the relatively poor amount of legendary skins he earned.

He only has five to show for his troubles in total, and two of those were brought with coins he earned in-game.

Check out a small portion of his marathon session below.

Presumably this weekend, Fender will be working hard to get to level 200. Or maybe he’ll just be catching up on sleep.