P.T. Is Still Surprising Fans With Undiscovered Scenes A Year On

by : Mark Foster on : 12 Aug 2015 12:00

A year ago today, the mysterious P.T. dropped onto the PlayStation 4 and proceeded to scare unsuspecting players shitless. 

Applauded for its cryptic and often downright insane gameplay, P.T. – which turned out to be the announcement trailer for Silent Hills – had so many hidden nuggets of creepiness embedded within. Some of these are evidently still being found today.

metatronicsauce/ Kotaku

Lisa (the ghostly woman that harasses you) can be seen in many different places, including a lesser known appearance in the game’s starting room. A screenshot uploaded to reddit by user metatronicsauce, is confirmation that she does indeed haunt the basement-style room as well as the main house. Turns out nowhere is safe.

metatronicsauce explains how to see Lisa in the room:

After you get trapped in the bathroom and are forced to be possessed on the next loop, get killed by Lisa to get back to the room you start in. If you exit the room backwards, you will see Lisa very briefly before you enter the hallway.


If you’re still not convinced, unitedplayersclub PS4 uploaded a neat little clip of the event you can check out below.

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