P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road Has Launched It’s Crowdfunding Campaign


You might remember shitting yourself in fear at P.T., the ill-fated precursor to Silent Hills. You might even remember the fan-made scare-fest tribute that emerged called Allison Road. Well now you can contribute to the game’s development on Kickstarter.

After a reaching success on Steam’s Greenlight after just two days, Allison Road developers Lillith Studios are crowdfunding for £250,000 to get the spooky title off the ground.

With ambitions of becoming the top contender in ‘next-gen survival horror’ by running on Unreal Engine 4, the first person game is also going to be pushing for Oculus Rift support. Scare yourself in VR, shit yourself in real life.

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The game shares many ideas from the cancelled P.T.. Your character wakes up in a suburban town-house in Manchester with no recollection of how they got there. Things soon take a supernatural turn as you’re pursued by a mysterious apparition, and generally get a lot damper in the crotchal region from there.

Donating £15 will net you a digital copy of the game, while other prizes include £70 for a limited boxed edition with heaps of bonus goodies, and a hand painted, custom portrait of you in the game for a measly £4,000.

Allison Road doesn’t have an exact release date, though prizes are estimated to ship in December 2016. At time of writing, the project has raised in excess of £55,000 making it over a fifth of the way to its target. If you fancy being a part of the game, head over to the Kickstarter page.