Parents Make Heartbreaking Video Game About Their Child’s Terminal Cancer

Numinous Games

Childhood cancer is one of the most distressing subjects to tackle in any media, least of all in a video game – but it’s something that That Dragon, Cancer faces head-on.

Joel Green lost his battle with cancer at just five-years-old. His parents Ryan and Amy Green have developed That Dragon, Cancer to tell his life story, and help others understand the tragic disease through their eyes.

Numinous Games

The Greens began working on the game to document their experience with the disease, and it was originally meant for release exclusively on Ouya in 2014. Sadly, Joel passed away on March 13, 2014 and the game was pushed back until January 2016.

Joel loved pancakes, and the Green family are celebrating the release of the game with a pancake party. They’re inviting everybody to join them and celebrate Joel’s life by hosting their own pancake party, and you can find information on the event and the game on the website.

That Dragon, Cancer will release on January 12, 2016 on Steam, Mac, Windows and Ouya, and is currently available to pre-order via the website.