PayDay 2 Devs Add Microtransactions And People Are Not Happy


In a move that has become increasingly commonplace in the gaming industry, PayDay 2‘s devs Overkill have successfully added microtransactions to the game, despite repeatedly denying they would come.

So it’s come to this has it? Two years ago, the game’s producer Almir Listo promised fans that micro-payments would never come to the game, writing: “We’ve made it clear that PayDay 2 will have no microtransactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!)”

Lead designer David Goldfarb (now departed from the company)  followed this statement up a month afterwards when asked about the possibility, saying: “No. No. God, I hope not. Never. No.”


In the game’s latest Black Market update, Overkill have added microtransactions in the form of special drills that open loot vaults, filled with things like weapon skins and gameplay perks that can be used or traded on Steam’s Community Market. These drills are charged at £1.60 a pop and give randomised drops.

Naturally, the PayDay 2 community has reacted angrily.

What’s really irked people isn’t so much that the microtransactions are there – you don’t need to pay for them if you don’t want to after all. But it’s the fact that Overkill have gone back on their word. Users are already flooding to Steam to give negative reviews, and have vowed to stop playing the game until Overkill respond.

PayDay 2 is also available on PS4 and Xbox One, though it shipped in a broken state on the latter.