Peaky Blinders Video Game Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC And Nintendo Switch

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Peaky Blinders Video Game Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC And Nintendo SwitchIGN/Curve Digital

Don your flat cap and grab your controller of choice, because a Peaky Blinders video game has been announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. 

If the game still isn’t coming to your console of choice, then let’s be honest, you need a new console.


News of the Peaky Blinders game first arose last year, when it was revealed that production studio Endemol had partnered with publisher Curve Digital and developer FuturLab to develop the very first video game based on the BBC TV series.

Peaky BlindersBBC

One year on and the game remained shrouded in mystery, but where before there was darkness there is now Blinding light, because IGN has released a trailer for the upcoming game.

Check it out here:


Peaky Blinders: Mastermind will allow players to partake in a top-down puzzle game through which you can take control of six members of the Shelby family at once.

Each member of the family comes equipped with their own unique skills that will be useful for making your way through the game’s various levels, and a rewind feature allows players to scroll back and forth through levels to guide each character past obstacles.

Tommy’s useful talent is that he’s threatening, while Arthur is an expert at both brawling and kicking down doors – both of which will come in handy for the aforementioned obstacles.

Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders gameIGN/Curve Digital

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Polly is the go-to girl for bribes and lockpicking, John has talents in arson and brawling, Ada is queen of causing distractions and Finn is great at sneaking and pickpocketing.

Speaking about the game, director James Marsden told IGN:

There’s a point in the show where Tommy Shelby explains he has no concern for the past, nor the future. All he cares about is a crucial moment he calls the soldier’s minute.

We designed our game around that idea, allowing the player to plan actions backward and forward in time, choreographing an ensemble cast of characters to synchronise their actions during these crucial moments.

The player gets to feel like the smart and sophisticated leader that Tommy is, so we think becoming the mastermind will resonate with fans of the show and gamers alike.

Peaky Blinders gameIGN/Curve Digital

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind is set to arrive this summer, giving fans the perfect amount of time to rewatch the series and prepare for the day you embody each member of the Shelby family.

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