People Are Selling Their Pokemon GO Accounts For Ridiculous Money

by : Ewan Moore on : 19 Jul 2016 12:36

Well I think we all saw this coming a mile off: Pokemon GO has now spawned a thriving real life market where one can buy or sell Pokemon or Pokemon related services. 


Similar to how you can buy accounts, gold, or weapons in MMORPGs, eBay is riddled with listings that will further your career as the very best. Let’s dive down the rabbit hole, shall we?


First up, there’s the fairly reasonable offer of three Pokemon for under £1, as the description reads:

I will catch 3 Random characters if purchased between 8:00 GMT until 18:00 GMT Mon-Fri will usually take around 2 hours. Outside of these hours may take slightly longer, thank you! When purchasing please place account details in buyers notes section.


Simply message over your account details, and this Pokentrepreneur will log in and catch some ‘mon for you. Duplicates are a potential risk, but apparently the likes of Pidgey and Rattata will be avoided.

pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-1.0pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-1.0The Verge

Similar services can get you 10 Pokemon for £3, and there are even some that will head out to certain areas and catch specific Pokemon for you.

Of course, if you have more money than sense, it seems there are speedier ways to the top. Some sellers are actually flogging high level accounts and super rare/powerful Pokemon, and it looks like they have the potential to go for quite a bit.

Take a look at a small selection below – though I would imagine the first image is a solid troll.


It’s worth noting that the accounts with the ridiculously high price tags have zero bids (for now), so I can’t help but feel these Pokemon trainers have slightly overestimated what their accounts are actually worth.

On the flip side, the people selling their accounts for sane and relatively reasonable prices seem to be having more luck.


Will we ever get to the point where somebody is willing to spend upwards of £500 to get a Dragonite on a mobile game that we’ll probably have forgotten about in a year?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

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