PlayStation 5 Console Is Backwards Compatible

by : Julia Banim on : 16 Apr 2019 21:10
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The PlayStation 5 Console will mark a significant upgrade to previous consoles, and will reportedly be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 titles.

This exciting development means you will be able to play all your favourite PS4 games on this new console, without feeling the pressure to go out and buy a brand new stack of games straight away.


Although you will still no doubt be tempted to do just that…


As reported by Wired, over 90 million people own a PlayStation 4 console, meaning this backwards compatible feature will undoubtedly be welcome news.

Furthermore, for those who have already invested in PlayStation VR, their virtual reality headset will work just fine on the PlayStation 5, while bringing about exciting new benefits.


Ray tracing technology will reportedly enhance the audio – as well as the visuals – on the PlayStation 5, making for a notably enhanced and realistic VR experience.

Lead architect Mark Cerny told Wired:

If you wanted to run tests to see if the player can hear certain audio sources or if the enemies can hear the players’ footsteps, ray tracing is useful for that,

It’s all the same thing as taking a ray through the environment.


Cerny continued to explain how this incredible standard of audio will be made even more immersive through a custom unit for 3D audio which is included on the AMD chip.

Cerny told Wired:

As a gamer, it’s been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

With the next console the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to it.


Unfortunately there is still a while to wait until you can lose yourself in this next level gaming experience, with the PlayStation 5 expected to be released during December 2020.

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