PlayStation Gamers Are Smarter Than Those Who Play Xbox, Study Shows

by : Saman Javed on : 02 Dec 2020 08:40
PlayStation Gamers Are Smarter Than Those Who Play Xbox, Study ShowsPA Images/Microsoft

PlayStation gamers have higher IQs than those who play Xbox, according to a new study.

The research was carried out by online casino Royal Panda, which asked 1,001 remote gamers and technology users to take a four-part test.


It found that PlayStation gamers had an average result of 110.7, whilst Xbox players sat at 103.8. Both console gamers were, however, put to shame by PC players, who had an average score of 112.3.

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The questions tested four areas: verbal intelligence; mathematical ability; logical reasoning; and visual reasoning.

The study also found that female gamers had an average IQ of 108.4, significantly higher than the 102.3 average in men. The female participants came out on top in comparison to men in all four of these categories.


According to Royal Panda’s findings, PlayStation gamers scored best in questions measuring logical and visual reasoning, whilst PC players came top in verbal intelligence and mathematical ability.

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The study also surveyed Nintendo Switch gamers, who lagged behind with an average IQ of 101.3. Coming in last were mobile gamers, who had a 99.4 average.

Aside from which players were the smartest by choice of console, the study also compared IQ level by game choice. Those who play strategy-based Rainbow Six Siege were the smartest in the gaming world across all platforms, with an average score of 120.3.


Given all the IQ memes, interestingly, the results see Among Us gamers placed second, with a collective IQ score of 118.9.

According to the study, participants whose favourite game of choice was Angry Birds were found to have the lowest IQ score at 95.8.

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Also scoring relatively high were Minecraft (116.3), The Sims (103.6), Fortnite (103.6), and Animal Crossing (104.8).


Aside from determining which console users were the smartest, Royal Panda also attempted to settle the battle between Android and iPhone users. It found that on average, Android users had an IQ of 110.3, compared to a 102.1 average across iPhone users.

The study’s findings will be welcomed by PlayStation fans, who have likely been spending most of their free time playing the new PlayStation 5.

The console was finally made available to buy in the UK on November 19, after launching in the US on November 12, but it wasn’t long before it sold out across various retail outlets.

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