PlayStation Plus Free Games For August 2017


You know the drill by now; another month, another stash of free PlayStation Plus games for all you good little subscribers to Sony’s online service.

This month there are some genuine AAA hits for you to sink your teeth into while the Great British Summer continues to offer the occasional minute of sunshine in between relentlessly shit weather – Not that I’m really complaining since it means more time to game.

There are three free games for the PS4 this month; the massive open world action hit Just Cause 3Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry (a franchise spinoff which is well worth a look), and That’s You, a fun little party game Sony have thrown in as a bonus release.

Subscribers with a PS Vita can get their mitts on the excellent scrolling arcade shooter Downwell, and Level 22 – which I can only really describe as a stealth game set in the world of retail.

Finally, all you OGs with a PS3 can enjoy Super Motherload and Snakeball – one’s about digging, one’s about snakes. Work out which is which for yourself.

Don’t forget to download July’s games if you haven’t already – once they’re gone, they’re gone. Unless you wanna actually pay for them like a peasant.