PlayStation Plus Free Games For January 2017


You know the drill by now, and if the headline of this piece hasn’t clued you in on what to expect, then you’re a fool, frankly. 

We’re all here to find out what free games PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their hands on in January 2017 – if you were looking for Weight Watchers or the Death Stranding fan theories discussion evening, then you need to head down the hall and take your first right.

As always, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita get two games each, but the cheeky magic of cross buy means certain consoles end up with a few more freebies.

For example, the truly brilliant point and click adventure Day of the Tentacle Remastered puts in an appearance on both PS4 and Vita, while stealth action romp The Swindle is available across all three consoles.

PS4 users actually get a whopping four games this month. In addition to the above two, there’s also the melancholic This War of Mine: The Little Ones, and action/adventure Titan Souls, the latter of which is also on Vita.

Finally, the collection for January is rounded out by top down combat racer Blazerush (only for PS3), and the admittedly unexciting match-3 game Azkend 2 – because there aren’t enough match-3 games in the world.

Remember, the PlayStation Store will refresh to make January’s lineup available on Tuesday 6, so you don’t have long to grab December’s games, which you can check out here.