PlayStation Plus Members Can Vote For March’s Free Game


Following a successful stint last year, Sony is reviving the PlayStation Plus Vote To Play promotion this month, with the winner available to download for free in March. 

Starting February 9, Plus members will have to choose between Action Henk!Broforce, or Assault Android Cactus. How will you ever decide? That’s your problem. Just do it.

Broforce is a side-scrolling shooter with a name like a Men’s Rights superhero team, Action Henk! is a pretty cool racing game, and Assault Android Cactus is a retrotastic twin stick shooter. You’ll be able to cast your vote in the PlayStation store.

Last time Sony did this promotion was back in August 2015, and members were faced with Zombie Vikings, Armello, and Grow Home. 

Grow Home ended up winning last time, but the other two titles were then made available at a discounted price. Sony haven’t said yet whether they intend to do that for the losers this time around, but we’d imagine they will be.