PlayStation Twitter Blows Gamers’ Minds With Hidden Trophy Revelation

by : Ewan Moore on : 12 Jul 2019 10:20
PlayStation Twitter Blows Gamers' Minds With Hidden Trophy Revelation PlayStation Twitter Blows Gamers' Minds With Hidden Trophy Revelation Sony

I spend an awful lot of time with my PlayStation 4. Too much, some people might say. On a Saturday morning you might see me down the park taking my PS4 on the swings, or snuggling in bed with it on a rainy Sunday. 


Weird attachment to my PlayStation aside, my point is that I thought I knew my console inside and out, but after all these years, it’s managed to find a new way to surprise me – and I’m not the only one, it seems.


PlayStation owners will be familiar with “hidden” trophies, which are typically implemented by developers to avoid spoilers when a certain achievement is tied to a story event or some other feature that should remain a secret. Obviously, if a trophy is hidden, you won’t know what you have to do to get it, meaning completionists will likely have searched online for a game’s full trophy list at some point.

As it turns out, the PS4 has long had a feature that allows you to reveal the info for a game’s hidden trophies at the press of a button, and this revelation has shattered my world. All you have to do is select a hidden Trophy, hit X to view its details, and then smash Square to reveal the hidden information.


To be fair, this feature hasn’t always been on the PS4, which is why it probably shocked so many of us. It has however, been on the system for a good few years now, as it was first added in the PS4’s 4.00 system update, way back in September 2016.

Clearly, this feature just wasn’t communicated all that well at the time of the update, because Twitter users had a bit of a meltdown over the revelation when the official PlayStation UK account shared a Reddit post from RockyB95,who’d just made the discovery himself.

RockyB95’s Reddit thread went on to throw up loads more revelations about the PS4, some of which you might already be aware of, some of which you might never have known.

For example, I already knew you could power the console off right away if you hold the power button for five seconds, but had no idea that if your controller is charging, the slower it pulses, the closer it is to being fully charged.

Every day is a school day, right? Like PlayStation UK said – it always pays to read the patch notes.

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