PlayStation VR Ships With Free Demo Disc, Here’s What You Get

by : Ewan Moore on : 07 Sep 2016 09:37

Remember back in the day, when you’d get free demo discs with certain videogame magazines?

Sony clearly remembers how awesome that was, which is why PlayStation VR will include a free disc full of demos to try.

This shiny disc of free trials will come packaged with the PlayStation VR headset when it launches on October 13, and includes a generous eight games to sample.


The contents of the demo disc were confirmed on the PlayStation Europe Blog, so it’s unclear whether or not every territory will get the same eight games (though that’ll more than likely be the case).

At any rate, we can expect to try out a number of promising titles, including racing sim Driveclub VR, sci-fi shooter EVE Valkyrie, and ‘classic block stacker’ Tumble VR. 

We’ll also have access to Ocean Descent, which is one of five segments in PlayStation VR Worlds, be able to sample some virtual athleticism with Rigs Mechanized Combat League, fuck shit up in a tank on Battlezone, ‘soar among the beauty of the clouds’ with Wayward Sky, and have a kick around with Headmaster. 


PlayStation VR will require a PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation controller to work, and costs £350 for the headset alone. It’s also expected (though not confirmed) that VR games will look and play better on the upcoming Neo machine.

Ewan Moore

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