Pokemon GO Bug Actually Makes It Harder To Catch Pokemon

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Aug 2016 09:40
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Developer Ninatic recently updated Pokemon GO, but a number of fans have complained of a few problems; among them, that it’s actually now harder to catch Pokemon than it was pre-update.

If you’ve noticed Pokemon seem to be running away a lot more than usual, you aren’t going mad – Niantic confirmed that the increased difficulty is actually a bug, and that a fix is being worked on.


Niantic tweeted:

Trainers, a new bug affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus. We are working on a fix, stay tuned.

Ironically, Niantic has come under a lot of fire since the Pokemon GO update, which on the surface seemed to cause more problems than it actually fixed.

For example, rather than fix the tracking glitch that prevented trainers from working out where specific Pokemon are, the developer opted to remove it entirely.



This peculiar choice was especially grating to fans of the game when Niantic decided to take down any and all external websites that helped track down Pokemon in lieu of an official system.

However, Niantic recently came forward to explain its reasoning behind shutting down sites like PokeVision – as it turns out, these services were having a strain on Pokemon GO’s servers, and had to go.


Still, it seems like the developer are putting more emphasis on communication with the fans going forward, something it definitely needs to do more of if it doesn’t want Pokemon GO to die an early death.

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