Pokemon GO Has Pokemon Turning Up In Some Weird Places

by : Ewan Moore on : 07 Jul 2016 13:07

Pokemon GO has begun rolling out worldwide, and the mobile AR adventure already has the adorable little monsters turning up in some unexpected places. 


The idea of Niantic’s real world/videogame hybrid is to get people outside and looking around to find wild Pokemon. You might see a Bulbasaur in your garden, or a Magikarp in a nearby pond, for example.

In an ideal world it would like this:

That was the theory, but the little buggers seem to be turning up wherever they want. Makes it easier for us to catch ’em all I guess.


Just take a look at this Spearow who’s decided that an office keyboard is the best place to chill, rather than, I dunno – a nest or a tree.


And if you thought choosing a starter was hard, I bet whoever took this pic went mad trying to decide which Rattata to catch.

Qn7Vxqp (1)Qn7Vxqp (1)Imgur

Geodude is just happy to watch. That’s how Geodude gets off.


Of course, Magikarp was always gonna turn up in a toilet, because it’s shit.

Strangely though, the toilet isn’t the only place people are finding the fishy fool – it seems to be absolutely everywhere.



Is owning a Gyrados worth plucking a Magikarp straight from a stranger’s crotch? I’d say so, yes.

And finally, a moment to appreciate all the other Pokemon that seem to turn up whenever people go to discreetly eliminate waste.




Oh Pokemon GO, you’re so crazy. I can only hope that it’s not long before someone finds a Mew in a cinema or library and causes utter chaos in their desperation to nab it.

Forget nuclear war, robot uprisings, or zombie apocalypses. The anarchy created by Pokemon GO is how the world ends.

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