Pokemon GO Leak Reveals New Details, Including Number Of Pokemon

by : Ewan Moore on : 30 Mar 2016 11:36

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Considering Japan are currently enjoying a field test for Pokemon GO, it was really only a matter of time before details started to trickle out for the rest of us to set upon.


The leak seems to have revealed the number of Pokemon in the game, and a few other interesting tidbits.

Reddit user Juxlos collected and posted the information on thePokemon Go subreddit.

Apparently, the game will only include the original 151 Pokemon, although I would imagine that’ll change over time.


All Pokemon types (including newer ones like Fairy) are present and correct since some of the original Pokemon were reclassified as new types were put into the games.

Then we have some info on micro-transactions. Don’t be mad, we always knew it’d be a thing. No news on exact cost, but the items are split up into six different categories: Pokeball, Medicine, Food, Boost, Utilities, and Camera.

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The post also includes a link to some sweet, sweet gameplay. No battle encounters, but it does show off the map, items menus, and a character creator. Check it out out for yourself here.

There are loads more details which you can check out on the Reddit page, but I’ll leave you with a few highlights.

There’s a day/night cycle, and the level cap currently seems to be at 50. There also appears to be some kind of dodge function, and evolution works by collecting “evolution shards” from wild Pokemon to get “evolution stones.”

Finally, there are 52 bits of custom trainer gear to collect, and 252 moves (including moves not in the original games).


It definitely sounding promising, that’s for sure.

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