Pokemon GO Players Are Using Eggs To Break The Game


pokemon-go-mapEggs in Pokemon GO work exactly like eggs in the main games: You walk enough, and they hatch a new monster – that’s the theory, at least.

See, some Pokemon GO players are currently taking advantage of a newfound exploit that allows eggs to basically screw the whole game and ruin everyone’s fun.


Multiple reports have come to light that hackers are now placing Pokemon eggs into gyms to prevent anyone from using them, which is obviously what those in the know refer to as a ‘dick move’.

Of course, putting an egg down at a gym essentially makes that trainer unbeatable, as players cannot battle an egg and overthrow the gym.

Check out a video of the eggy hack in action. Just remember that there’s nothing cool about hacking, or cheating, or eggs. Seriously, nobody should egg on this kind of behaviour.

In essence, these eggy gyms could reign supreme forever while the cheaters reap the rewards – but Niantic is currently working on a fix that should get things back to normal.

In the meantime, the ‘egg defense’ is just something else Niantic has to clean up on the ever-growing list of reasons not to play Pokemon GO.

In other Pokemon GO news, a UK government survey recently turned up an incredibly unflattering report of the type of person who uses the game.