Pokemon Go Raises £13million From Nintendo, Google And Pokemon Company Investment


The dev team behind the much hyped Pokemon Go have revealed that they’ve managed to scrape together a whopping £13million investment from Nintendo, Google and the Pokemon Company, and will get a further £6.5million upon reaching ‘certain milestones.’

Niantic announced the app’s development last month and pretty much made a generation of wannabe Pokemon masters dreams come true, as you can find a catch Pokemon in the real world using your smartphone’s GPS.

The money is going to be used not only to fund the ambitious app, but will also go towards funding other gaming projects from the developer.


Getting the nod from Nintendo – who famously shut down anything even vaguely related to Pokemon – is a major step forward for the project, and should help it greatly with materials for the game. Already working on Pokemon Go, is Junichi Masuda, who directed the original Games Freak games on Game Boy.

Pokemon Go will be heading to Android and iOS app stores some time in early 2016. Better start making preparations to end your social life.