Primal’s Day One Patch Notes Include Updates And New Difficulty


Did you pick up Far Cry Primal yesterday and realise it was so easy that you accidentally completed it when you sat on the controller? Probably not. It’s not really an easy game, I was exaggerating. For humour.

Still, Ubisoft have the pros covered with their day one patch that adds in a new uber difficulty setting called Expert Mode.

As you might imagine, you have less health, take more damage and give out less damage, enemies generally become more challenging, and every now and again Peter Kay appears in the middle of your screen to deliver one of his stand up routines, obscuring the action from view.

I made up the last one, but other (real) changes include improved stability, lighting, companion AI, and other general tweaks. You can find a full list here.

The patch is 564 MB on PlayStation 4 and 561 MB on Xbox One. PC gamers don’t get Far Cry Primal till March 1. If you wanna know what we thought of it, here’s the UNILAD review.