Pro Fortnite Player Lied About Being in Primary School

by : Ewan Moore on : 06 Feb 2019 08:55
Epic Games/RizArt/YouTube

16 year old Fortnite pro RizArt has been making waves in the battle royale community for a while now, using his enviable skills to set a new record for solo kills. 


Unfortunately it seems as if RizArt believed his talents alone weren’t enough of a hook, and had actually been lying to everyone about his age. He had been claiming he was in his sixth year of primary school.

As I’m sure you’ve all worked out from the fact he’s 16, RizArt is very much not in primary school.

A member of the increasingly popular Japanese Fortnite team Crazy Raccoon, RizArt decided it was time to post an apology and reveal the truth about his age, as reported by Kotaku.


He explained:

I’m not actually in grade school but rather, I am a 16-year-old high school freshman. I am truly sorry for not telling everyone the truth. The number of my subscribers increased and I kept feeling like I needed to tell the truth.

RizArt said his friends would often comment on his youthful appearance and voice, so he just began pretending to be much younger for fun. Obviously the prank kind of span out of control, and after joining Crazy Raccoon he and the team decided they couldn’t continue the ruse.

Check out his apology video below, in which he also revealed he’s donating three month’s worth of his YouTube earnings to charity.

Going from the video it seems like he’s genuinely sorry. And let’s be honest; lying about your age is hardly up there with some of the awful things other prominent YouTubers have done in recent years.

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