Pro Fortnite Player Misses Tournament Because He Was Taking A Nap

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Mar 2021 15:08
Pro Fortnite Player Misses Tournament Because He Was Taking A NapFortnite Kid/YouTube/Epic Games

A professional Fortnite player has ended up missing a tournament after taking a nap.

Deyy, 15, had apparently only intended to take a nap for a couple of minutes but unfortunately ended up missing an entire five game match. Needless to say, his teammates, who had scored second position in qualifying for the finals, were not too happy.


His team, which included Commandment, FaZe Cented, and NRG Edgey, had been participating in the March 11 EpikWhale Cup, and esports fans had high expectations of them. However, in his words, Deyy was ‘tired as sh*t’, having to still keep up his school schedule alongside his Fortnite career.


Things quickly heated up on Twitter, with Deyy telling his teammates:

Instead of complaining just play the next five games and see how it goes, it’s not hard to come back.


His teammate Cented then hit back:

We specifically told you to make sure you were awake, vibes were bad … you fell asleep during semis … went afk [away from keyboard] to facetime people three to four times.

Epic Games

When Deyy claimed that he wasn’t ‘even worried’ as he had school the next day, Cented then accused him of treating Fortnite like ‘a hobby’.


He wrote:

Fortnite isn’t a hobby. It’s my job and dream to be the best. And it’s my teammate’s job and dream to be the best. Showing up and playing your best is basic respect for your team. It’s disrespectful to disregard the people you sign up to play with.


However, after things had cooled down a bit, Cented appeared to be more understanding of Deyy’s situation, asking people to ‘tone down the tweets’ and take his age into account.


Cented tweeted:

Deyy is 15 and probably going through a lot, I think the community should probably tone down the tweets and stop making the jokes. If I was 15 and had the whole community and other pros tweeting jokes about me I’d be tweeting the same sh*t.

Deyy has also since apologised and stated that he takes accountability for his actions, admitting that he was ‘in the wrong’ and had been facing ‘a TON of stress’ from the Fortnite community.

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