PS Plus Games For January 2019 Announced


So begins the period of time between Christmas Day and New Year in which time seems to stretch off into an eternity of chocolate for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch. 

I’m convinced no one really likes January to be honest. Hell, everything after December 26 is just kind of pointless until we get back to March (don’t get me started on February). At least we’ve got some new PS Plus games to look forward to though, right?

There’s a fairly strong selection for the first free lineup of 2019. PS4 users can get Ubisoft’s criminally overlooked open world extreme winter sports game Steep, or check out the sandbox action RPG Portal Knight. 

If you’re still rocking a PlayStation 3, you can (and should) download the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, or enjoy the rhythmic action of Amplitude.

PS Vita owners meanwhile, can grab Super Mutant Alien Assault, or Fallen Legion Flames Of Rebellion, the latter of which is also available on PS4 thanks to crossbuy.

All six games will be free to download starting on Tuesday, January 1, provided you aren’t too hung over. You also have until then to grab December’s freebies, which include SOMA and Onrush.