PS Plus Games For October Announced


As September ends and Billy Joe Armstrong is finally woken up, October arrives. With it, comes pumpkins, spooky shit, stylish scarves, and another crop of free games for PS Plus subscribers. 

As is always the case, these free games only come for free if you’ve been a good little gamer and paid for your monthly PS Plus subscription. But rather than sit here and argue over the nature of “free”, let’s just take a look at the games instead, shall we? We’ve got a varied bunch this month.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, the free PS4 games for October are Friday The 13th and Laser League. The former offers spooky co-op scares, as you play online as camp counsellors, working together to survive the murderous impulses of Jason Voorhees.

Of course, one players also gets to play as Jason and take down said camp counsellors, which is where the fun really kicks in. Friday The 13th is well worth a look, trust me.

Laser League, meanwhile, is a futuristic sports game that involves lasers, and… some kind of league. It’s good, old fashioned arcade-style fun at any rate, and a great little time waster.

If you’re still rocking a PlayStation 3 and have a PS Plus subscription, you can get hold of the haunting first-person sci-fi adventure Master Reboot, and delightful indie curio The Bridge, the latter of which is also available on PS4 thanks to crossbuy.

Finally, if that’s a Vita in your pocket and you’re not just happy to see me, you can nab frenetic action adventure Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, and cyberpunk thriller 2064 Read Only Memories, in case you can’t for 2077.

You can also grab these two Vita games on PS4, again, thanks to the magic of crossbuy.

All of the above games will be available to download between October 2 and November 5. Remember, PS Plus subscribers have until October 2 to download September’s games, which include Destiny 2 and Another World.