PS4 Boss Finally Comments On Project Scorpio

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Jun 2016 13:18

The current generation of consoles is still relatively young, but that hasn’t stopped both Sony and Microsoft from announcing more powerful, 4K ready machines.

Sony has the PS4K, while Microsoft announced Project Scorpio during E3 2016. By all accounts, it’s looking like it’s gonna be the most powerful console to date.



With 8 CPU cores (the most powerful GPU ever put into a games console) and 6 teraflops of power, the Xbox Scorpio is undeniably a more powerful beast than the PlayStation 4K.

PlayStation Boss Shuhei Yoshida recently spoke to Gameswelt about his reaction to Project Scorpio:

Yeah yeah, I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting [them to talk about it]. It’s very, very, super interesting [to hear] what they are doing.

While everyone was expecting Microsoft to announce the Xbox One S at E3 (which they did) the Scorpio announcement was indeed something of a surprise – especially considering it won’t be with us till “Holiday 2017”.



With Project Scorpio hogging a great deal of the E3 spotlight, many people wondered whether or not Sony would pull out a cheeky surprise reveal of their own.

Yoshida explained why they haven’t talked in more detail, about their new PS4 just yet:

We are not talking about the new high-end PS4 that we are working on. When we have enough information and preparation, we’ll talk about it.


Fair enough. While the Xbox Scorpio and PS4K are still technically part of this console life-cycle, it’ll be nice (for those who can afford it) to have a super powerful high-end option.

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